Community Manager position: goals

What are the goals of the Community Manager position advertised by Quandora?

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We are looking for a Community Manager to help us grow and engage the ecosystem around our product, Quandora Question & Answer, in the broad sense of the word: customers, trials, subscribers, partners, developers, etc.

The high level goals of this activity are the following:

  • Help build customers satisfaction and loyalty by supporting them in their activities, establishing an open, constructive communication, and designing compelling customer experience.
  • Help increase the trial-to-customer conversion rate by supporting the trial users in getting started with Quandora in accordance with their needs.
  • Help increase the number of trial sign-ups by engaging the visitors and helping them understand Quandora's benefits.
  • Help increase Quandora's visibility with the target audience by publishing relevant content, engaging with community members, identifying strategies to reach the right people.
  • Help build a strong, positive image of Quandora by actively moderating and monitoring its Web and social media presence.

See our Jobs page for details, or browse through the questions labeled Community-Manager-2013 on this website.

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