How is it to work at Quandora?

I'm considering applying for one of the jobs Quandora is advertising. What kind of atmosphere should I expect if I join the company?

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Quandora is a startup, with all the good and the bad that comes with it.

You have a flexible schedule. As long as you're doing your job, we don't care how many (or few) hours you are working. Properly managing your time is your own responsibility.

You come close to a lot of technologies, especially with the newest one. We are constantly surveilling what's going on the tech front, both to improve our product, and to understand our core users.

The internal communication is rather relaxed and informal. However, we have a couple of tools and processes that you are required to use. We like to keep the structure light, but we do not like chaos.

We encourage you to be creative and autonomous. You are accountable of what you are doing, and you get the credit for it. It's OK to make errors - everybody does- as long as you are willing to accept and to learn from them.

The rest of the team is here to help if you need, and you should reciprocate it.

Quandora is a fast-evolving company, and it gives you the opportunity to evolve fast as well - in terms of position, skills and experience.

Want to join us? See our Jobs page for details, or browse through the questions labeled Jobs on this website.

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