Community Manager position: responsibilities

Concretely, what is expected from the Community Manager in terms of day to day activities and responsibilities?

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As a Community Manager for Quandora, your activity will include:

  • Write and publish editorial content: blogs, interviews, case studies… Our product is a software, and our core audience are technical teams, so you need to be very comfortable with the technical side.
  • Send newsletters, updates - globally, you'll be in charge with the communication with our subscribers.
  • Maintain and enhance company's social media profiles and communication.
  • Engage with other communities that are meaningful for our business: open source projects, complementary products, marketplaces, various tech communities.
  • Create supporting materials for the community: how-tos, videos/screencasts, guidelines.
  • Moderate webinars.
  • Participate to meet-ups, trade shows, or other in-person networking opportunities as needed.
  • Establish an open, constructive communication with the existing customers, both proactive and responsive.
  • Generally, be an enthusiastic advocate of Quandora :-). We would like to see you transform any possible circumstances into opportunities to evangelise our product.

This list is not exhaustive, and we are more than happy to hear your ideas and put them in practice if appropriate!

See our Jobs page for details, or browse through the questions labeled Community-Manager-2013 on this website.

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