What are the tags and how should I use them?

In the ask question form, there's a text field saying “Add Tags”. What exactly are the tags, and how am I supposed to use them?

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The tags are the main tool Quandora uses to add some structure into the knowledge base's content. They allow to associate to questions meaningful attributes and create “virtual” lists based on the attributes. Those lists are used for example to display filtered views of the KB, to let people subscribe to matters of interests, to search for specific questions, or to identify related questions.

Typical examples of tags include:

  • A category or module: in a technical KB, we may want to tag questions with words like “UX”, “performance”, “build”, “tests”, “authentication”, etc.
  • A topic: in a sales KB, it could be “pricing”, “channel”, “legal”, “pipeline”, etc.
  • An audience: in a project delivery KB, it could be “project-manager”, “developer”, “trainer”, “consultant”, etc.
  • A product name or version: in a support KB, it could look like “2.3.2”, “3.0”, etc.

By default Quandora lets users specify freeform tags. Basically, people can specify any word that has qualifying virtues in their opinion. While typing in the tag, the system performs a real time search in the existing tags base and suggest completions. The user can either choose one of the proposed words, or go on with the typing and define a new one, validating with “Space” or “Tab” when he's done.

The knowledge base's managers may decide to use managed tags: pre-defined tag categories, that can be made mandatory or not, a single or multiple choice among pre-defined, non-modifiable values. To get back to an earlier example, the Project Delivery KB manager could define the “Audience” tag category as a mandatory, single-value tag. Thus, the people would be required to specify for every question an audience among the 4 given options. This tag is displayed separately from the freeform tags, in a different color.

It is possible to associate as many tags as we want to a question, but it is advisable to stick to 5 tags maximum to keep the question focused.

Tags cannot contain spaces. For several words tags (example: “business model”, “social networking”, “access control”), you can use a dash as separator: business-model, social-networking, access-control.

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