How do I kickstart my Questions & Answers activity?

OK, I've created and configured my Quandora site, the knowledge bases, and the users accounts. Now I just have to get the people use it… where to start?

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Quandora provides various mechanisms to help you engage the users. Examples include: targeted content discovery, possibility to subscribe to notifications related to a KB, tag, question or user; automatic newsletters highlighting the most interesting content; game inspired rewards; mobile interface; activity streams; “invite to answer” feature; votes and comments; and others.

Still, it's difficult to leverage all those tools at the very beginning when your Q&A is empty. The natural strategy is to manually plant the seeds of a core content from where your users, supported by Quandora's mechanisms, will build up a sustainable activity. Here are some hints from other organizations experience:

  1. Start by creating a set of frequently asked questions in each KB. Involve an authoritative person on the KB's topic in identifying the questions that come along over and over again. For a Sales and Marketing KB, for instance, this would include competitor's analysis, or existing case studies. Use a Quandora template to initialize your KB when appropriate. Include “hot” topics (don't be afraid to go a little controversial). Answer some of the questions, but not necessarily all. Use the option “Invite to answer” to recruit people into starting to contribute.

  2. Make an internal communication showing clearly the organization's support for the knowledge sharing. State the benefits and the community's (and hierarchy's, when relevant) appreciation for playing the game. Always stay positive and avoid any impression that the participation is imposed, you want your people on board wholeheartedly.

  3. Offer soft rewards for participation. Quandora already rewards users with reputation points and badges for activity, but you may go further and include it in a larger rewards system already deployed in your organization.

  4. From a general point of view, building interesting content is probably the single most compelling argument for getting people in your Q&A. Always be (along with a few other champions/knowledge leaders) in a mindset of scanning the collective, “tacit” knowledge around you and capturing hot stuff into questions.

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