Can I change between the Private plans?

Can I go from one Private plan to another if my organization changes? If yes, when can I do it?

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Basically, the difference between the various plans concerns the number of users. You may want to increase or decrease the number of users, function of how your organisation evolves. This change may involve - or not - a change of Plan. Example: if you are on a Q250 plan with 350 users, and you wish to downgrade to 300 users, all you need to do is to remove a 50 users package while staying on the Q250 plan. If, on the other hand, you are on a Q100 with 175 users and want to upgrade to 250 users, you qualify for, and can switch to, the Q250 plan, which has a lower price per user.

Upgrades are possible at any time: you will be billed immediately for the remaining of the term, the price being calculated on a pro-rata basis. You can downgrade your service at any time as well. The difference of price, prorated for the remaining of the term, will be deducted from the future invoices.

We do not make cash refunds.

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