Who sees the questions I ask?

I want to ask a question but I would like to understand better who will see it, and when.

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There are actually two different aspects that this question touches.

First, there's the matter of who has the credentials required to see your question. By default, Quandora gives all members of the organization the privileges of viewing, asking, voting and answering questions. However, your knowledge base's administrator may restrict the access to a defined group of people only, if he sees it appropriate. If you aren's sure about who is allowed to access the KB, check with your administrator.

The question is visible immediately after you hit the submit button.

Second, there's the matter of how the question will find its way to the people who are able to answer it (and, generally, to people who are interested in the topic). Here are some mechanisms that Quandora uses in order to route your questions.

  • For a short while, your question will appear on the top of the questions list the KB displays by default, as this view displays the most recent question first.
  • People that are following you will receive a notification by email about your new question.
  • People that are following at least one tag associated with the question will receive a notification by email. Corollary: always make sure you add meaningful tags to your question.
  • If people find your question interesting and click on it / vote it up, the question will go up in the “Most popular” view
  • You can specifically invite somebody you know to answer the question, if you think he/she has useful input
  • If your organization uses a social network like Yammer, Quandora can be configured to send notifications in its activity feed.
  • The newsletters and other email notifications highlights recent (or popular, or unanswered) questions.
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