What are some efficient ways for people to discover interesting questions?

Really interesting questions and answers have been created by the users in our Knowledge Bases. How to bring them to the people (or vice-versa) that may be interested in seeing them, and potentially bringing their own contribution?

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The first and most basic way to make a question discoverable is to use the proper words to tag it. This will increase the question's visibility for people specifically interested in topics associated with those words, via tag based filtering and search options Quandora provides. So, do not miss to add meaningful tags to questions - and if possible, incite your colleagues to do the same thing. If you are an administrator, it may be a good idea to review questions and their tags from time to time if you can afford the time.

The other advantage with tags is that people can follow them. Following a tag means receiving a notification by email each time there's a new question associated with the tag. In a technical KB, for instance, a developer specialized in database optimization could want to follow the tag “cache”. Or, in a Sales team's KB, one could be interesting in following the tags corresponding to the accounts he's responsible with.

Also, people are often inspired by other people. We all have colleagues we appreciate and trust, and whose interests we know we share. “Following” those people is another - and particularly effective! - option to be connected with valuable content.

Last but not least, Quandora gives people the option to receive weekly newsletters. Those newsletters identify the most interesting questions of the past week based on people's activity and user's preferences. Its catchy format and content is a proven mean to bring people to Quandora.

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