Can I define who has access to the questions and answers?

Some of the questions and answers submitted in my Quandora site are appropriate for my whole organization, but some should only be available to a certain group of people (both because the other are not necessarily interested, and because some information may be sensitive). Can I define different access policies to different questions?

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Yes you can! This is one of the reasons the Knowledge Bases exists: they allow to group the Q&As by theme, intended audience, or other criterion that makes sense in your organization.

By default a KB is accessible to your whole organization, as it (the organization) is defined at your Quandora site (“domain”) level: people with an email address within one or more specified domains, a precise list of users, etc. If you want to restrict the access to it, you have go into the KB's settings and set up the option “Restrict to members” to “On”, and to specify the group of members.

You can restrict the access to all your KBs, or to none, and you can add a person to as many KB members groups as you want.

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