How does Quandora handle user accounts and authentication?

I've just installed Quandora for my organization. How do I give access to people now? Do I have to create the accounts one by one?

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Well, you could do that theoretically, but there are better options that save you the trouble. Although Quandora provides a native users management system, a more convenient option is to use a third party account provider like GoogleApps, Yammer or

Enabling one (or more) of those authentication providers is as simple as a configuration in the management panel. If at least one third party authentication is enabled, you should set up an allowed domain to make sure only the people from your organization will be able to log in. Example: you are a company named Foundware that enabled Google Apps login, you should set up the “allowed domain” to “”.

Also, with GoogleApps, you have the possibility to synchronize your users based on the GoogleApps users. This means that you can not only initialize your Quandora users base from your GoogleApps directory, but also, regularly update the Quandora users base to reflect changes in your organization (for example, people arriving or leaving).

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