First steps with Quandora

I've signed up for Quandora and created my Quandora site. Now what?

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First time you log in after creating your Quandora site, a Quick Start page guides you through a couple of simple steps required in order to set up your Q&A base. (Cf screenshot below).

  1. First, you fill in some general information regarding the name and description of your Quandora site and preferred editor to use
  2. Second, you create a knowledge base (you can create more later). A knowledge base is a Q&A space dedicated to a specific topic: a department, a project, a community - whatever makes sense in your organization. You can use one of the predefined templates if you want to initialize your knowledge base with some content. Examples of knowledge bases you may want to create: “Corporate info”; “Sales and Marketing”; “Human Resources”; “Customer support”; “Technical support”; “Projects delivery”.

Once this is done, you have created the basic framework for your organization to start asking and answering questions. You can though refine further or change the settings by using the “Manage domain” option.

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